Don’t Let Your Fundraising Event be a Horror Story

You have the cause, the idea, and the enthusiasm to run an event to raise money for your nonprofit. What now? At Auction Harmony we understand that running a successful fundraising event is easier said than done. Fundraising galas take enormous effort to plan and prepare for.  Here are a handful of tips to help you with your planning process.

Establish Your Objectives

Knowing your objectives is a critical part of the planning process, as they are used to measure your success. Your objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant.

Set a Fundraising Goal

It may sound obvious but many organizations don’t have clear, defined fundraising goals. Once you have a goal in mind everything in the event plan should be geared around raising that specific amount and you can budget accordingly.

Data Organization

Have an organized and systematic approach for your event data. We know there are people who love their Excel spreadsheets and those endless cells of guest data. But Excel spreadsheets are neither effective nor efficient to manage your event data. Auction Harmony offers a simple, comprehensive way to organize massive amounts of data with our web based Event Organizer.  With the Event Organizer, organizations can collect and streamline guest and auction data, ticketing and seating, run reports and sanity checks, and analyze data.

Venue Walkthrough

Schedule a venue walkthrough with your vendors and venue coordinator to verify all the details have been covered and everyone is on the same page. Where will the registration and checkout take place, silent auction, dinner, and program?


Gather your friends, family, and advocates to volunteer for the evening, so you can focus your efforts where it’s needed. Identify your volunteer’s talents and skills and assign them jobs that can help your fundraising efforts.


Whether you are using Auction Harmony software or your own methods for organizing data, make sure you stay on top of your event. If your data is current, you have time to make contingency plans should a problem arise.


Happy Fundraising!