Improve Event Attendee Engagement with Technology

There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a fundraising event. Devising the theme, finding the perfect venue, soliciting the right array of auction items – it’s a lot of work. You will, however, be hard pressed to find any event planner or development director that doesn’t agree on one key event element: a positive and engaging guest experience.

A lot of things can impact an attendee’s experience during your event—long lines during registration or check-out, a crowded silent auction area, not enough time to mingle or enjoy the whole event—but all can be easily eliminated with the right use of event technology. If your organization is on the fence about whether or not to include technology for your upcoming event, here are some perks to consider:

Effective Registration and Check-Out

 A positive attendee experience starts at registration and ends at check-out. When you use an event database during planning to organize all of your guest data, the registration and check-out processes become quick and effective.

With an event database, a record containing the ticketing history, contact information, and event day data of each guest is available at the click of a button. Instantaneously you are able to simply update missing guest data, capture credit card information, and add walk-in guests at registration.

Check-out becomes equally fast with event technology. All purchases and donations are captured in the database in real-time without sorting through paper bid sheets or donation envelopes. It is quick and easy to see all guest bids, purchases and donations, print guest receipts, gather a signature, and send them home with their winning items.

Effective guest registration and a swift check-out enhances attendees’ positive feelings about the event, your organization, and their individual impact.

Improved Silent Auction Engagement and Experience

Similarly, event technology increases attendee engagement during the silent auction in a myriad of ways. Auction Harmony believes that a truly engaging event involves multiple types of bidding technology.

Bidsheet Tablets remove the hassle of paper bid sheets and provide a fun, visually stimulating way for guests to bid on silent auction items. Guests can easily see a description of the item they are bidding on, who holds the winning bid, and the cost of the next bid. Our technology intuitively guides guests through the bidding process, places their name on the screen as the current winning bidder, and allows them to register their smartphone so they can stay updated on the status of their bids.

Our smartphone bidding software allows guests with smartphones to access the entire auction from the palm of their hand. Guests can browse open auction items, receive a text message when they’ve been outbid, and place a new bid without having to spend the entire event circling the silent auction table. Guests without smart phones can also use event kiosks to check the status of their bids, view items, and place new bids.

Kiosks, smartphone bidding, and Bidsheet Tablets improve guest flow through the silent auction which reduces overcrowding which can dissuade people from returning to update their bids.

By allowing event attendees to participate in the silent auction through technology, you ensure that guests socialize more, heighten their sense of competition through immediate mobile updates, and allow them to be more involved in other aspects of the event.

Increase Attendees’ Sense of Impact

Congratulations! You’ve made it through a quick and easy registration, the silent auction has people bidding and socializing, and your guests are fired up about the event. These elements usually give way to the most important part of any fundraising event: The Ask, which we call the Fund-A-Need.

Crafting a successful and emotional program is integral when imploring your guests to donate to your cause, and implementing technology into your Fund-A-Need encourages guest participation and engagement.

Placing a Donation Tablet at each table with pre-determined donation amounts keeps the Fund-A-Need lively, makes donating effortless, and eliminates the need for envelopes and guesswork.

Often, keeping your Fund-A-Need visually engaging enlivens guests to donate more, and more often. With a Donation Tracker, guests can see in real time how much money has been raised, how much others have donated, and their individual gift towards the event goal. There are many ways to tailor a Donation Tracker to give guests a direct, visual representation of their personal impact to your cause, enriching their sense of connection to your organization's work and mission.


While there are many crucial elements that make any event a memorable one, guaranteeing that guests feel engaged and involved during your event is essential to it's overall success. Incorporating event technology takes the stress out of planning for a positive and impactful attendee experience, assuring your organization hosts a meaningful and profitable event.