Score a Homerun with Volunteers

Planning a fundraising event takes a lot of work and executing the event details takes a team. Volunteers are great team players because they truly want to help. They provide a friendly and familiar face for guests and support for those running the event. They’re your team to depend on, from the opening pitch to the bottom of the 9th.

There are many things to consider when recruiting and coaching your event day team.

The Lineup Some volunteers are really outgoing and some are more detail oriented. Consider your volunteers strengths when assigning them to specific tasks. If you’re not sure where to place a volunteer, ask them what they would like to do. Auction Harmony provides a list of volunteer tasks and descriptions that can be passed along to volunteers. It’s comforting for volunteers to know what they’re getting into.

While some volunteers may be better suited for certain tasks, the best volunteers are people who are eager and happy to help with anything.

Everyone’s an MVP Remember that your volunteers are donating something very valuable to your event, their time. Thank them for their time through words and actions. One way to show volunteers your appreciation is by providing a good dinner and snacks. Volunteers who are hungry and/or dehydrated will not be able to give 100%. Also, make sure the volunteers are comfortable. This could mean, having enough chairs at registration or providing a safe place for them to keep their things.

Provide a Playbook Give your volunteers a schedule. It’s important that they know when to arrive, when to eat, and when training is scheduled. In addition, guest will likely ask volunteers many questions, give the volunteers an event overview so that they can offer helpful answers.


Auction Harmony provides volunteer training and management for: registration, silent auction, retail sales, donations, live auction, auction packing, and checkout. Just get your well-informed, happy, appreciated volunteers to us and we’ll take care of the rest. Consider us you assistant coach.

Who’s ready to play ball?