Pre-Event Services

Before your event starts we have tools that can help keep you organized, create a buzz, and raise money. 

silent auction preview

Prior to your event, let guests view what is going to be available for bidding in your silent auction.  You can add or remove items from this website as you finalize all the packages available in your silent auction. 

Online ticket sales

When your guests buy tickets and sponsorships online, all attendee info automatically filters into the Event Organizer database, cutting down on data entry. Our online ticketing portal processes credit cards, allows the collection of custom data, and gives you access to sell tickets manually to cover special cases. Additionally, we offer a feature that will automatically email ticket buyers & sponsors who haven't yet provided their attendee names, reminding them when that information is due.

online auction

Host an online auction to build excitement leading up to your event.  This isn’t early bidding for your onsite auction; this is an entirely separate auction to help you raise even more money!