Silent Auction Technology

Options are key! By offering a diverse range of technology, you will engage your bidders and improve your silent auction's results.


bidsheet tablets

Our Bidsheet Tablets are easily the most popular bidding device. A straight replacement of the traditional paper bidsheet, these devices allow guests to browse the auction as they always have, and place bids with just a few taps on the screen.

Mobile bidding

Auction Harmony’s Mobile Bidding allows guests to bid from anywhere! With no need to download an app, guests simply use their cell network's data connection to browse the auction, place bids, make donations, and receive outbid text message notifications.

Multi-purpose kiosks

Kiosks are your guests' one stop shop for all their bidding.  Strategically placed throughout your venue, a guest can log into a kiosk at any time to stay up to date on their bids, browse the auction, and place new bids.  Kiosks are very helpful towards the end of your silent auction when the auction space is crowded and tough to navigate. Guests can simply find a kiosk to place their last minute bids!

point of sale tablets

Does your event have a raffle, a wine pull, or pay to play games?  Not a problem.  Our Point of Sale Tablets can handle adding just about anything to a guest's account. 

silent auction tracker

While being projected onto a screen or streamed through a monitor, the Silent Auction Tracker provides guests with real time stats from the silent auction, along with a clock that counts down to the close of the auction.